Focusing in on Trash

The Solid Waste Agency (SWANN)  is pleased to outline through this Photo Gallery a focused view of Do’s & Don’ts, Before’s & Afters along with an pictorial emphasis on Improper and Proper Disposal that surrounds Trash Disposal and Collection through our Agency services. Our FAQ page provides varying amounts of information to describe ways to properly dispose of your trash. SWANN has been in the solid waste business since 1992. As the premier solid waste provider in the area, we believe safety, customer service and integrity are essential keys to our day to day operations. We encourage you to visit us throughout this website to learn more about our agency. We offer services for residential, rural, commercial, and construction along with open top roll off dumpster rentals. You may see some changes in our operations, i.e. dumpster location, pickup locations, etc. as our new administration works to align our services that are outlined by Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) regulations.