Contractor Trash Disposal Services


Construction projects, whether home remodeling, demolition or new construction, can generate substantial trash. SWANN offers a wide range of construction waste removal services with a variety of container sizes and options to keep the improvement process clean and manageable.

From start to finish of your project, we pride ourselves in providing quick and efficient dumpster and roll-off services. We can set up a regular schedule to empty the containers, or you may simply call us when you need it emptied.

Call or Request Service for all your construction garbage needs.

Construction Recycling


  • Customer service and convenience
  • Professional help choosing container size and pickup schedule you'll need for each job
  • Timely delivery and removal of containers
  • Competitive pricing
  • Keeps acceptable debris and garbage contained

Acceptable NOT Acceptable
Wood Tires
Concrete, cement, brick, stone, etc. Hazardous Liquid State items like paint solvents, gasoline, oil* see below
Sheet Rock Electronics
Furniture Appliances
Roofing Materials Batteries
Insulation Propane Tanks
Regular household trash Medical Waste

Additional Roll-Off Containers can be made available for the following items:

SWANN professionals are available to help contractors manage job site waste and disposal.

*Liquid State refuse must be in a "gel" or solid state before they can be disposed of; it is suggested that liquids can be mixed with kitty litter, sand, dirt, etc so they can be safely disposed into the area landfill.