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Newly Released Information

  • Notice is hereby given, that a meeting of the Board of Directors for the Solid Waste Agency of Northwest Nebraska (SWANN) will be held at 7:00 p.m. July 18th, 2024 in the Chadron City Council Chambers, Chadron City Hall, 234 Main Street, Chadron, Nebraska, which meeting will be open to the public. An agenda for such meeting, kept continuously current, is available for public inspection at the SWANN office, 1010 E. Niobrara, Chadron, Nebraska. The agenda may be modified up to 24 hours prior to the meeting. Minutes of the meeting will be made public within ten (10) working days following the meeting. They may be obtained from the SWANN administrative office in Chadron, Nebraska.
    Jake Stewart
    Executive Director
    Published: 06/21/24

  • 175 Tons Reached in SWANNs 2024 TIRE AMNESTY PROGRAM
    175 Tons Reached in SWANNs 2024 TIRE AMNESTY PROGRAM

    As of 10 O'clock on June 20th, SWANN reached the quantity of 175 Tons of rimless used Tires
    needed for the 2024 Tire Amnesty Grant.
    The State of Nebraska granted SWANN an extension to collect the additional
    40 Tons of Tires needed to fulfill the tonnage allotment not met on the official days
    of Friday 6/14 and Saturday 6/15.
    SWANN wants to thank all of the participants and Agency customers within the service areas of
    Dawes, Sheridan and Sioux Counties, and cities of Chadron, Clinton, Crawford, Gordon, Harrison, Hay Springs, Hemingford, Rushville, and Whitney.
    The activities and all individuals involved made this a very successful event.
    SWANN looks forward to the time that another Tire Amnesty event can be offered.
    Please contact Executive Director Jake Stewart for additional information or use our contact us link to share your insights and thoughts.
    _______________________________________ 6.20.24

  • May 2, 2024: Jake Stewart, Executive Director of SWANN has confirmed an explosion was caused by the improper disposal of a pressurized oxygen bottle. The oxygen bottle was placed in a dumpster, the contents of which were ultimately baled at the SWANN facility in Chadron, Nebraska. As a part of the baling process, the oxygen bottle was exposed to additional pressure causing the explosion. A part of the oxygen bottle was found approximately 100 yards away from the building site, after the explosion caused that part of the bottle to exit through the roof of the steel building.
    One employee was injured and treated at the Chadron Community Hospital as a result of the explosion. The employee’s condition continues to be monitored but is not life-threatening. Jake Stewart thanks his Transfer Station Crew and Operations Director for their quick reaction in responding to the incident.
    The party responsible for improperly placing the pressurized oxygen bottle in the dumpster has been identified and contacted. SWANN reminds all residents that any waste which may contain hazardous materials may not be placed in dumpsters. All residents must follow safety protocols in disposing of waste. SWANN resumed normal operations on Friday morning at 8:00 am.
    For questions on proper disposal please contact the SWANN Office at
    (308) 432-4245

SWANN Rates Going Up For Second Straight Year

As was seen on Chadron Radio; posted May 17 , 2024 3:25 pm by John Axtell

SWANN, the Solid Waste Agency of Northwest Nebraska, is raising rates for the second year in a row but only the third time in the last dozen years.

The higher rates, which are still among the lowest in Nebraska, take effect with the July bills.

The SWANN board last night approved an increase of $2.30 for residential customers with collection services, bringing the rate to $27.50 per month. That rate had gone up 95-cents last year.

Commercial rates for large dumpsters and collection will go up $8.70 to $80, and rates for rural residents – who pay only for landfill-related costs – are increasing $2.00 to $16.00. Rural rates went up 55-cents a year ago.

SWANN Executive Director Jake Stewart says the rate hike reflects higher costs for such things as equipment repairs and replacement, fuel, utilities, and insurance but also replacing the garbage baler, which is over 60-years old, and the building housing it.

Stewart says the rate increase was figured into how much money SWANN will need to borrow through bonds for the new baler and building as well as related equipment.

The SWANN board also approved the budget for the year starting June 1st. It’s going up $205,000 to $2.1-million dollars, but the figures are a bit misleading.

When the current year’s budget was adopted, Stumph Sanitation handled trash collection in Crawford. The company dropped its contract later in the year and SWANN took over collection services just as it does in its other member towns.

The new budget now includes both the collection costs and revenue from Crawford – a wash in budget terms, but one that increases both sides of the ledger by equal amounts.

Please see Chadron Radio link for audio and article: https://chadronradio.com/swann-rates-going-up-for-second-straight-year/

Published to SWANN Website 5/17/24   ________________________________

SWANN Moves Closer To New Baler And Building

SWANN, the Solid Waste Agency of Northwest Nebraska, moved closer last night to getting a new garbage baler and a new building to house it.

The following information is article posted on Chadron Radio. Link is provided below. The SWANN board held a required public hearing on the proposal and passed a resolution declaring the need to replace the existing baler as an emergency, allowing it to skip competitive bidding and go with a Colorado firm.

SWANN Executive Director Jake Stewart says the 1960s model baler originally purchased by the city of Chadron and the building it’s in have both reached the end of their useful lives and only extraordinary repair efforts are keeping the baler running.

SWANN has been working and negotiating with Altitude Recycling Equipment of Denver, the baler manufacturer closest to Chadron. Stewart says even with the prior input, it will be at least 7 months before a new baler would be ready for installation.

Tyler Francis of Altitude told the SWANN board the lead time for the baler is likely 35-to-40 weeks with the price changing as the price of metal goes up, explaining the company’s costs have risen 40% in the past 2 years. Francis said there’s a baler of the same model SWANN will get currently in use in Omaha while Kearney and Greeley, CO, use a slightly smaller one. He put the expected lifespan at 15 years, but said it could easily be 25 depending on multiple factors. 

Jake Stewart says the new baler will be considerably larger than the current one because of the ever increasing volume of waste coming into the baler. Stewart says the baler’s longer conveyor belt will also make it easier to pull out recyclables, but also means the new building needs to be bigger, too. The new baler building will be across the street from the current one and north of the SWANN offices, 

The Chadron City Council has given unofficial approval to the idea of providing the land for the building, but no decisions have been made on the exact amount of land or the terms of a lease or transfer.

See Chadron Radio link for audio and article: https://chadronradio.com/swann-moves-closer-to-new-baler-and-building/

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