Please call the office for answers to your questions: 308-432-4245

  1. What is the pickup schedule?

    Each town served by SWANN trucks is collected twice weekly. Roughly half of the town is collected on Monday and again on Thursday, with the other half collected on Tuesday and Friday. During winter months dumpsters may be emptied just once a week with customers able to call for a second pickup if needed. Wednesdays are used to collect the green dumpsters (grass and leaves) from April thru November. Holidays force us to shorten the collection interval or abandon the green dumpster collection.

    Crawford & Hemingford are collected by contract haulers who should be contacted for their schedules.

  2. Can I leave large items beside a dumpster for pickup?

    Some items can be disassembled so they will fit. Large items can be taken to a collection site.

  3. What can I take to a SWANN Collection site?

    Tires, waste oil, scrap iron, appliances, automotive batteries, and construction/demolition debris can be taken to a local collection site by SWANN customers.

  4. Why do Crawford and Hemingford have a disposal fee?

    All SWANN communities pay the disposal fee. It is included in the total rate.
    Disposal fees cover the costs of baling, hauling to landfill, and landfill construction costs.