Please call the office for answers to your questions: 308-432-4245

  1. What is the pickup schedule?

    Each town served by SWANN is collected weekly. Roughly half of the town is collected on a Monday and Thursday schedule, with the other half collected on Tuesday and Friday. During winter months dumpsters may be collected just once a week with customers able to call for a second pick up if needed. Wednesdays are used to collect the green dumpsters (grass and leaves only) from April thru November. Holidays force us to shorten the collection interval and abandon the green dumpster collection.
    Crawford, residents starting December 5th, 2023, will have Swann collecting household trash on a regular schedule. SWANN welcomes the Crawford residents to our direct collection service.
    Hemingford is collected by contract hauler who should be contacted for their schedules.

  2. Can I leave large items beside a dumpster for pickup?

    If large household items can be disassembled, or cut down, to fit inside the dumpster(s) with the lid shut, then the collection trucks can pick up the dumpster.
    SWANN Collection Trucks cannot pick up large items that are not contained within the dumpster or hanging over and outside the edges where lids won’t shut.
    Large items can be taken to the Chadron Transfer Station, or taken to your local community site located in each town from Harrison to Gordon.
    Dumpsters cannot be picked up due to the above noted reason until the items are contained inside the dumpsters properly.

  3. What can I take to a SWANN Collection site?

    Tires, household amounts of used oil, scrap iron, appliances, large furniture, mattresses, automotive batteries, and construction/demolition debris can be taken to your local community site by SWANN customers.

  4. Why does Hemingford have a disposal fee?

    All SWANN communities pay the disposal fee. It is included in the total rate.
    Disposal fees cover the costs of baling, hauling to landfill, and landfill construction costs.

  5. Often, SWANN residents and customers have big items that will not fit into a collection dumpster. Many cities in the area, such as Chadron, Gordon and Rushville have a FREE Dial-a-Truck service that allows you (resident/customer) to dispose of large items at the Chadron Transfer Station or your Local Community Site. See the Important Links page (click title above) of this website to obtain phone numbers needed to contact your nearest service for disposing of your large item(s).

  6. Railroad Ties, how do I dispose of them?

    Please do not put them in your local household dumpster or container. If repurposing your railroad ties is not an option, they should be disposed of at your local solid waste debris site.
    A standard tie is 8′ long, 6.5″ high, and 8.5″ wide and weighs anywhere from 140 – 200+ lbs. Because of the weight if you were to fill a dumpster it would most likely put the dumpster over its hauled away weight. These railroad ties don't fit in collection trucks and don't allow mechanisms to function correctly inside the truck. To find a nearby community site, contact SWANN or check out our Community Site page. You can call a Dial-a-Truck near you or contact a friend/neighbor to help move them to a nearby solid waste site.

  7. What do I do with broken Refrigerators, Freezers?

    These items can be taken to your nearest community site. Space is provided for all Swann customers for these types of large appliance items.

  8. What should happen with net wrap around bales?

    This material has become a huge issue when dealing with equipment that has moving parts such as gears, chains, hoses and cylinder rams. This waste product can be handled better by taking it to the CD Box at your local community site or the Chadron Transfer Station. The best disposal method is to place net wrap inside a feed sack, bags or even used boxes. This restrains the net wrap, keeping it from becoming a long twisting mess inside the disposal and collection equipment.

  9. Where do I take my old sofa and chairs?

    For in-town residents, dial-a-truck programs are available through your city offices, if you do not have the luxury of a truck. Rural residents can take these items to their community site or Transfer Station for off-loading. These items do not belong in dumpsters and NEVER on the ground in the alley.

  10. I am new to town, how do I set up an account?

    Please call the great staff at the Swann Office by calling 308-432-4245. We can help guide you on whether you should have city billing or rural billing with Swann.

  11. I moved to the country from town, what do I need to do about my trash disposal?

    When moving to a rural home you are now responsible to bring your waste to town and use the Transfer Station/Community Site dumpsters that are open to rural residents 24 hours a day in each community. This process will reflect a lower charge for disposal only. Remember all customers are paying to ensure waste is disposed of properly into the landfill permitted by the State of Nebraska.

  12. Do you accept credit cards? How do I pay for my bill?

    Credit Card payments are coming soon to Swann customers. This convenient service will make it easy to take care of your bill online with banking and credit cards. We hope to be up and running starting the month of July 2024.

  13. What is a Roll-Off Dumpster?

    These 20-yard open top roll off rental boxes allow you to have the container placed outside your home and close to your construction project. We drop off and we pick-up, allowing you to continue your project and taking the worry out of getting all your debris to the Landfill. Residential customers do not pay a tonnage fee for the debris, just the price of the box and the small daily rate. Commercial construction projects are charged $47 per ton and only $42 if they haul to the landfill themselves.

  14. Contact us at the SWANN Administrative Offices at 308-432-4245 where our friendly and professional staff will address your questions. After hours? You can always email us your question by completing the contact form here on our website. Click Here to get to our contact form! We look forward to helping you.

  15. I'm Still Confused on what to do?

    Are you still uncertain about sizing, pricing, or other details? Contact one of our professionals to get more information regarding which option is the best for you. Call us at 308-432-4245 or navigate through our website as answers may be spelled out within. We look forward to serving you!!