SWANN Hosts Happy Hustlers 4-H Members Landfill Cleanup Project

In November & December 2023, The Solid Waste Agency of Northwest Nebraska was pressed with a major breakdown to baler operations. This situation rendered the Transfer Station unable to bale loose-fill solid waste being collected throughout our service counties during this period. The Agency, when experiencing situations such as this, have certain protocols which must be put into effect to manage solid waste as is mandated, through awarded permits, by the State of Nebraska. Throughout this circumstance, SWANN was forced into hauling all loose, non-baled solid waste to the Agency’s Landfill north of Chadron.

At this time of the year, weather caused a variety of operational situations. One such result, during the third week of this breakdown, straight-line winds out of the West of 40 plus mph created a situation with loose sacks and trash. A cleanup project of this magnitude could take days/weeks, if employees were tasked with this effort, along with pulling staff away from routine and vital equipment and inventory upkeep and upgrades.

Swann was able to reach out to a local 4-H Club looking for a service project in their area. The Happy Hustler 4-H Club was able to provide support for this Service Project. Five 4-H kids were taken to the landfill and in 4 1/2 hours they filled forty (40) fifty-five-gallon trash bags with trash and plastic to be disposed of properly. This left the Landfill’s cell floor and east edge of the area clean and free of litter. Collaborations such as this are what makes the surrounding area the greatest place in Nebraska to live.

Thank you to the Happy Hustlers 4-H Club for their service to the area and the Swann Agency!

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