SWANN Rates & Fees



Until June 30th, 2024, SWANN 23-24 Rates will be in effect for City/Village & Rural Residential Charges. The following/below published rates reflect the new rates adopted by the Board of Directors at the May 16th, 2024 board meeting.
New Rate Charges for City/Village & Rural Residential will begin on July 1, 2024. All other charges/fees notated below are effective June 1st of 2024. If you need to verify the 23-24 Rates or have any questions, you can do so by calling the SWANN Administrative Offices at 308-432-4245. Thank you!

City/Village Residential Household [Collection & Disposal] $27.50 per month
City/Village Residential Household [Disposal Only] $18.50 per month

City/Village Apartment Unit(s) Charges

Apartments [Collection & Disposal] $27.50/month 1st Unit $18.50 Each Additional Unit
Apartments [Disposal Only] $18.50/month 1st Unit $18.50 Each Additional Unit


Cities and Villages served by SWANN are charged for disposal and collection fees. These residents have collection dumpsters placed in the alley right-away of their city or village. These residents are charged a fee for the collection and disposal of all trash needs.

Rural Household [Disposal Only fee] $16.00 per month Quarterly $48.00 Yearly $192.00


SWANN customers living in rural areas pay for disposal fees only. No collection fee is offered due to the large service area we cover.  All waste is placed at the State Permitted Landfill and a disposal fee per ton is collected by the State of Nebraska. 

Hemingford Village Residence Charges

Trash in Hemingford is collected by contract haulers.

  • These customers pay SWANN for the "Disposal fees" which are:
    • Residential Households/Apartments-$18.50/mo.
    • Commercial - 1/3 - $19.00; 1/2 - $28.00; 3 yd. - $56.00.
      The balance goes to the haulers and is collected by the city utility offices.
  • In Hemingford Contact (H&H Sanitation 762-1722) for pickup schedules.

Special Notice on Household Waste

All SWANN City, Village & Rural Customers

Large items that are not household waste need to be taken to your closest community or transfer station site. All construction material shall be hauled by the landowner or tenant to these locally operated sites for proper sorting and disposal. All household trash should be placed in bags before disposing of in Brown Dumpsters. These items of housekeeping help our agency operate efficiently and keep large items that cause damage out of our trucks and placed in designated areas to be hauled properly to permitted Landfill.

Resource Services Available

Never place trash of any kind next to a dumpster. If the item is not household trash it needs to be hauled to your local community or transfer station site. 
Services that can help you dispose of large items are available through your local city. 


One-Third Dumpster (1/3) $27.00
One-Half Dumpster (1/2) $40.00
Full Size Dumpster (3 yd.) $80.00

Commercial Charges (Disposal Only)

One-Third Dumpster (1/3) $19.00
One-Half Dumpster (1/2) $28.00
Full Size Dumpster (3 yd.) $56.00

Tire Charges - are as follows:
Car or Light Truck tires (up to 20") $3.00 each
Truck or Semi Tires (up to 24") $6.00 each
Tractor or Agricultural Implement tires $20.00 each
Heavy Industrial tires $30.00 each

Additional Waste Disposal Charges 

Waste oil, scrap iron, appliances, or automotive batteries. - There is no additional charge/fee for waste oil, scrap iron, appliances, including Freon containing, or automotive batteries.
See our website FAQ page for additional information on how to best dispose of these items! You can always reach us at 308-432-4245 or contact us at this link

Commercial/Construction/Demolition Debris $55/ton _ $65/ton we haul
Slaughterhouse Waste/Manure $55.00 per ton/$15.00 per ton
Contaminated Soil/Special Waste/Asbestos $75 per ton/ $50.00 minimum

Oil Disposal. Only 10 gallons of motor are allowed to be disposed of at your local waste site. Any amounts over this 10 gallon limit need to call the administrative office at 308-432-4245. Our office will direct you in the right direction for proper disposal.


  • $350.00 Per Pull / Per Box and $10.00 Per Business Day (Minimum 1 Day)
  • Additional $55.00 per ton for all Commercial Construction Debris
  • $150.00 per ton if waste contains *Restricted Material

*Restricted Material includes: Tires, Liquids, Batteries, Appliances, & Hazardous Waste

SWANN Drop Box Rental Agreement Fillable Form Link

Rate Development Information

Annually, each year in the Spring, SWANN reviews the rates prior to setting the Agency's financial budget for the next fiscal year which runs June 1st to May 31st. The Board of Directors (BOD) carefully reviews and considers the Agency's budget over the course of 2 to 3 months before making a final decision on any rate increases that are made. The BOD and the SWANN Agency maintain the rates with the service area are still among the lowest in Nebraska, and any rate hikes to residents take effect with the July bills.

SWANN Executive Director Jake Stewart says rate hikes, if any in any given year, reflects directly toward higher costs for such things as machinery, vehicles, equipment repairs & replacement; fuel, utilities, and insurance but also replacing the garbage baler, which is over 60-years old, and the building housing it. Stewart also explained the rate increases figure in how much money SWANN will need to borrow through bonds for the new baler and building as well as related equipment.

SWANN can not accept liquids or hazardous materials. This would be in violation of Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) regulations.