Solid Waste Agency of Northwest Nebraska (SWANN)

Solid Waste Agency of Northwest Nebraska (SWANN)

Starting August 7th, 2023, there will be new hours at the Hay Springs Community Site in order to better serve our customers. The position has been filled.

Valuable, Essential and Diverse Services ....

The Solid Waste Agency provides solid waste collection services to seven of the communities within the service area: with the remaining two municipalities being serviced by private collection companies. All solid waste, including that collected by the private haulers, is brought to the transfer facility in Chadron for processing. Additionally, SWANN provides "community sites" at seven communities within, the planning area. These sites are available for rural and municipal SWANN customers to drop off waste or recycling material in lieu of traveling to the transfer facility in Chadron.
Solid Waste containers, for household refuse only, are also available for SWANN customers 24 hours a day at the community sites. These bins are for the convenience of those individuals that are unable to utilize the site during regular hours. There is no additional charge, to SWANN customers, for use of the SWANN community sites. Recycling bins are also located for SWANN customer convenience within the communities of Hemingford, Harrison, Crawford, Chadron, Hay Springs, Rushville, Gordon and Whitney.

Additional Services ....

One of our most successful recycling programs has been the processing of yard waste (grass clippings and leaves) into the nitrogen rich compost. Screened compost is made available to our customers FREE OF CHARGE. Quantities are limited to 1 pickup load per day per account to ensure that everyone can participate. (not for resale)
The Chadron transfer station, as well as the community sites, accept the automotive batteries, yard waste, appliances (including Freon containing), waste oil and concrete at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. For information on tires or construction/demolition debris, visit the rates page.
Twenty yard roll off containers may be rented for large quantity or bulky items for a cost effective alternative method to self-hauling.

If you have other questions, please contact us.

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